DJ LIEN aka Lars Lien, is a music producer and dj from Norway. His passion for music has been a great influence. From jamming on the piano as a kid, to finding out  how to make the first sound in a DAW (digital working station), his music has taken many shapes and forms over the years. In the late 90s, early 2000’s, Electronic Dance Music went from being niche genrès, to really becoming an entire industry. With the likes of Deadmau5, Avicii, Tiestö, and Swedish House Mafia, there’s been no shortage of inspiration sources.

The Sound of DJ LIEN

DJ Lien debuted as a DJ back in 2017, where he made appearances in the club scene in his hometown, Bergen. His sound has been described as controversial, groovey, and energetic, displaying a wide taste of EDM throughout his sets. He won a producer contest and attended Armada Music HQ & Radio 365 in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event, where he met many more aspiring music producers. He was offered a record deal, but due to health challenges had to postpone following the musical path. This lead to plenty of ghost producing for a number of other upcoming DJs & Producers.

«Reading the room is one of the most repeated myths among DJs.» – DJ LIEN on his approach to DJing in the 20th century.

The Room

It’s true, there are many DJs with a specific talent for reading the room. This has been one of the most consistant feedbacks Lien received from Club owners early on. «He has a remarkable ability to affect the crowd and get them euphoric». Was stated after his first headline show on Club Ricks in Bergen. The feedback around his mixing was rather disputed among DJs, but the crowd loved him and his sound. «The crowd went completely nuts and hymned to several of his un-releasted tracks, even those without vocals in them. We had to get extra security around the stage as people was starting to climb. Afterwards we had to escort Lien out through the neighboring building».

The Art

During an interview with Music Radio, Lien was asked how he reads the room. «I believe reading the room is one of the most repeated myths among DJs. I don’t really read the room. I set out each night and each show with a clear vision of where I want to take it in terms of energy. Much like a painter going out to an open field. He has some paint with him and an energy that drives him. The only difference between me and the painter is, he has a canvas and I have the room, but we both paint. Some of it is pre-determined, but as artists the real magic happens when we’re interacting with our environments. So to me it’s more about connecting with the crowd, rather than reading the room.»

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